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Correctly acquiring and utilizing apartment assets are an important component of a successful commercial real estate portfolio. Choose the guidance of a skilled and experienced commercial real estate broker and multi-family specialist. Whether you are looking to acquire new assets, or reposition your current investments, James Flint and his team of associates are here to help you meet your long-term investment goals.  


Sperry Commercial - Flint Brokers & Associates prides itself on its longstanding partnerships and business relationships. In order to best serve our clients investment interests, we ensure that we cultivate genuine friendships by understanding the needs of our clients and working hard for their best interest. Our clients appreciate that relationship as we face the increasingly challenging, and ever-changing landscape of the commercial real estate market. 


Our skilled team of associates and commercial real estate agent diligently monitor sub-markets, while staying connected with the community through our extensive network. This provides us a unique insight into the best commercial real estate market intelligence to best support our client’s decision making process. Our approach is uniquely tailored to each individual client’s needs and goals. We do this by taking into consideration our your base requirements while ensuring that we are generating the maximum return for the minimum risk. From advising, strategizing, to acquiring, and finally to stabilizing; entrust your multi-family commercial real estate investment process to the professionals at Sperry Commercial - Flint Brokers & Associates.   

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