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Commercial Office Sales and Leasing Services

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Commercial Real Estate Solutions

Sperry Commercial - Flint Brokers & Associates delivers personalized commercial office property leasing and sales services in Melbourne, and greater Brevard County, FL. Here we strive to create lasting value for commercial property owners, investors, landlords, and tenants, by creating tailored solutions to accommodate each of our clients’ unique needs. Your success is our success!

We Are Your Partners

Sperry Commercial - Flint Brokers & Associates is your long term, reliable partner, driving outstanding results by creating effective and efficient commercial office property leasing and sales services. Our team takes pride in our longstanding client relationships, and have established a reputation of excellence. We are licensed medical and office real estate brokers, and we focus on assisting buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants get the most out of their commercial or business space.

Effect of Covid-19 on Office Space Demand

While the degree of impact the pandemic will have on future demand is still unclear, it is certain that the sector will be making some changes. A renewed focus on hygiene will create a need for more “touchless” features, and sanitary workplaces. In addition, the trend of shared office spaces is sure to change directions again. In recent years, the space required per employee had been shrinking, and we expect that figure to reverse. While the usable area requirements vary by industry, a general rule-of-thumb had been approximately 150 USF per person. Going forward, that number is sure to increase.

*See the estimated space required in different industries at the end of this article.

There has also been discussion among executives that employees may share offices, but rather than occupying the space simultaneously, the employees would trade days of the week, and alternately work remotely.

It is true that modern technologies have demonstrated that working from home can be effective. However, there is no substitute face-to-face collaboration, and the traditional office will maintain its integral role in a firm’s ability to attract new talent, and present a professional workplace to its clients.

Tenant Representation

If you work with a professional office real estate broker in Florida, be certain they understand the zoning standards and demographics in the area you wish to locate, and that they have the capabilities to research the local competition. A good tenant representative will ask the important questions to ensure that you are finding the best value, and an ideal location for your business. Sperry Commercial - Flint Brokers & Associates will negotiate the best purchase price (or lease rate), along with terms for professional relocation, and build-out concessions.

Landlord Representation

We also offer fully integrated landlord representation services specifically designed to maximize asset value, and return on investment.

Flint Brokers & Associates partners closely with landlords and property owners to develop effective and results-oriented leasing programs to maximize leverage, and create demand. We deliver sophisticated leasing solutions through our detailed asset assessments, branding and market positioning, and a proactive approach to leasing and tenant retention.

Attracting the Best Tenants

As tenants are tough negotiators, you need someone who knows and understands both sides of the real estate transaction, and brings long-term prospects who can offer more stability. With our global network, and sophisticated marketing platforms, Sperry Commercial - Flint Brokers & Associates has access to a large, and qualified tenant base.

Establish Client Needs

In addition to helping our clients determine the best value locations to lease or acquire, we will also discuss the office submarkets available:

Class ‘A’ Office Space

Class ‘A’ offices are comprised of the best, and newest space you will find in the market. They are typically located in urban centers, and professionally managed. Generally, class ‘A’ buildings are either new developments, or comprise properties with considerable renovations and improvements in recent years. While you can expect the latest amenities, you can also expect the highest rates.

Class ‘B’ Office Space

Class ‘B’ offices are usually a little older than Class ‘A’ spaces, but are still located in larger buildings with the traditional central lobbies. They are often in suburban locations, but still in central business districts along higher traffic routes. Generally speaking, they still have good quality management and tenants, but less amenities. Rental rates for buildings in this category are usually lower than Class ‘A’ buildings, and can offer a great value to the right tenants and investors.

Class ‘C’ Office Space

Class ‘C’ offices are the lowest classification of office buildings. These properties are older, and are often in farther away from main traffic routes. They generally have minimal amenities, and are slower to lease. However, they can also an excellent lower-cost option for smaller businesses that still need office space.

Medical Offices

Medical office buildings, also known as MOBs, are office facilities specifically designed for health care practices. They can be located in areas zoned specifically for health-care, or in more general professional office developments. They are generally designed with a central reception area, and several exam rooms intended to enhance patient outcomes and improve the patient experience.

There has been some upheaval for small health-care practices in recent years, so the sector has generally underperformed in Brevard County and Central Florida. However, because of this, these properties can offer a very good value proposition, and an increasing number of these assets in the area have been repurposed.

Commercial Office Leasing Experts in Florida

As a Florida CFO, CEO, or business owner who makes crucial decisions about your organization’s location, you know that finding your company's best office space is essential to your success.

At Sperry Commercial - Flint Brokers & Associates, we understand that the right office space will help our clients recruit and retain talented employees.

Our Experts go the Extra Mile for our Clients

Sperry Commercial - Flint Brokers & Associates believes in creating long-term relationships with our clients. After a successful transaction, we will always be available to advise and assist with any issues that arise in the future. Our clients’ success is our success, and we will continue to ensure that your property or investment continues to work for you.

Research and Market Data

We know that commercial real estate is constantly evolving - and fast. We have invested heavily in our data systems, and can offer range of research on commercial real estate trends and demographic statistics. With our valuable insights at your fingertips, you will be confident that you are making informed investment and property decisions.

Get in Touch

Contact us today to learn more about the commercial office properties available on Florida's Space Coast, in the Melbourne area, or anywhere in Central Florida.

*How much space is needed per employee? According to a 2012 report presented by the Gensler Group, the amount of usable square feet (USF) needed for each employee varied depending on their industry:

· Call center: 50 to 175 USF

· Technology: 115 to 155 USF

· Finance: 110 to 245 USF

· Engineering: 150 to 185 USF

· Law enforcement: 100 to 240 USF

· Social services: 175 to 235 USF

· Biotech and science: 125 to 410 USF

· Legal: 245 to 525 USF

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